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June 2022

Angel Wings June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the last month of school before our summer programming begins!

If this is your child’s last month with us before moving on a school, then we wish you all the best! Your children will be missed by staff and students alike. We are so excited for them to continue learning and growing somewhere new. For those of you who will be gone in the summer, have a safe and enjoyable vacation and we look forward to seeing you come fall. As for everyone else who is here for the summer, we plan on having some enjoyable activities for the children this summer while still staying true to our Montessori philosophies.


We are on the look out for a small wagon for our school. This wagon would be really useful on our outings for carrying water bottles, play equipment, and even children who may be less mobile (we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out when it comes to getting fresh air and adventuring). If you or someone you know is looking to sell a small second-hand wagon, please let us know! We would love to buy one for the school.


  • June fees are due on the 1st– Thank you!
  • Bedding comes in at the beginning of each week and is sent home at the end of the week to be washed. Please ensure that bedding is placed in a bag that is sturdy and large enough for your child to pack up independently.
  • As days become warmer, please make sure that the children’s summer clothes still allow for their independence. If your child is not able to manage laces, buttons, snaps, etc. on certain clothes, please refrain from sending them as this can cause issues and frustrations for the child.
  • Children need to wear socks every day. Closed toed shoes are the most appropriate and safe for outside play and walks.
  • A hat and sunscreen should be sent to school every day as the children spend plenty of time outside. If you wish to keep their sunscreen here at school, please let a teacher know and we can label it with their name and keep it here for them.
  • A water bottle, fork, and spoon are needed everyday for your child. As we go on more walks and outings to the park, a water bottle is necessary. We do provide the children with cups if needed in the classroom, but these are difficult for the children to bring with them on any outings.
  • Pick up and drop off: as always, we ask that you drop your child off no later than 8:45am to allow for an undisrupted transition in their Montessori work cycle. Our last pick-up time of the day is 5:45pm. The teachers need those last 15 minutes of each day to follow our necessary end-of-day cleaning and sanitization procedures to ensure the health and safety of all children and staff.

Important Dates

June 19th– Father’s Day

June 28th– Last day of classes before the summer program begins

July 1st– Closed for Canada Day

July 4th– Closed for P.D. Day

July 5th-First Day of Summer Programming

Flowers for June

  • 6th: Londyn        Sophie          Jacob
  • 13th: Maevis          Ayden           Rosa
  • 20th: Lennon         Noah                         Miguel         
  • 27th: Madison       Adiel              Blaiz

June Birthdays

Lennon and Charleigh

If you would like us to celebrate your child’s birthday in class, please send us a quick email.

Music with Ms. Tessa

Thank you for all the support you provide for your children and our school.

Miss Nicole, Mrs. Joce, Mrs. Divya, Miss Glynnis, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Diana, Miss Mikayla, and Miss Tessa.