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May 2022

May 2022 Newsletter.

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Dr. Maria Montessori.

During our circle time last week, the children and I were talking about why we come to school, and the answers were many and varied: “Making friends!”, “Having fun!”, “Using our hands to eat!”, “Carrying our work!”, “To learn!”. But the one reply that made three teachers in the classroom smile the most, was unexpected and thoughtful. ‘M’ said, “To learn how to be respectful to our friends, and how to be independent so we can do things for ourselves.”  Wise words from a five-year-old indeed, and so very true. The children continue to makeindependent choices in the classroom, and youcan foster this emergent independence at homeby allowing your child to take part in making some choices, such as which clothes to wear, or what food to pack in the lunch box. When a child is given a chance to make choices in a safe and nurturing environment it not only allows independence to grow, but also self-esteem, self-confidence,andself-identity.


The children will be encouraged to learn about different life cycles this month, such as that of a plant, bird, insect, amphibian, and mammal. If you happen to have a pond with frog spawn, or tadpoles, and could bring in a jar with a sample, it would be lovely for the children to see. We will of course, hand it back the next day so that it can be returned to its natural habitat.


  • May school fees are due on the 1st – Thank you!
  • Please take home any spare winter gear that belongs to your child and replace it with rain boots and splash suits – a warm sweater is also a good idea as it can still be chilly.
  • Drop-off: The children are becoming more independent in their work with each passing day; therefore, the Montessori work cycle is well underway by 8:45 AM. If a child comes after this time, then it makes for a difficult transition into the classroom and is disruptive for the other children who are engaged in their learning.
  • Pick-up: Please note that the latest that you can pick up your child is 5: 45p.m. The last 15 minutes of each day is for the teachers to carry out the essential end-of-day cleaning and COVID protocol sanitizing. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
  • CLOSURES FOR MAY : THE CENTRE IS CLOSED: Friday,May 20th, and Monday,May 23rd, for teacher PD Day and Victoria Day.
  • Flowers for May:
  • 2nd: Eva Maliki              Shiloh
  • 9th: Hendrix Nash               Alice
  • 16th: Georgia Jeremy            Robyn
  • 24th: Jett Leonie                         Gabriel
  • 30th: Koehler Wally               Mark
  • Mother’s Day – 8th May!

BIRTHDAYS: If you would like us to celebrate your child’s birthday in class by bringing in photos and a snack to share, please let us know and we can give you more details.

Alice, Adiel and Jacob

Miss. Nicole.


In May we are continuing our spring theme. We will be singing some animal themed songs! We will be using shakers and learning about ukulele and the ocean drum. 


Thank you, as always, for supporting our centre.

Mrs. Divya, Mrs. Joce, Mrs. Diana, Miss Nicole, Miss. Michelle, Miss Tessa, Miss. Glynnis and Miss. Mikayla.