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May Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter

“Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.” Dr. Maria Montessori.

May and June are always fun months in a Montessori classroom as the children are now making independent choices of work, like to help their friends and make exciting connections between the materials and different areas of the curriculum. Plus, we are able to get outside more often for walks and play. Not only have the children learned so much over the school year, but they have all changed in many positive ways – as the Dr. Montessori quote above says, a real transformation has taken place!

The trikes and striders have been a huge success, and children who struggled at first with balance and coordination are now racing around the backyard. We look forward to more trips outside like the long walk we took down to the river where the children saw a Mule Deer, Canada Geese, and lots of hedgerow birds.

Exciting news! We have ordered a Painted Lady Butterfly life cycle kit for the classrooms which should arrive at the end of May. This is always a favorite science experience as the children watch the larva eat, grow, crawl, change into the chrysalis and eventually emerge as beautiful butterflies. It is always an exciting day when the children get to release the butterflies. More news on this when the larvae arrive.

May school fees are due on the 1st – Thank you!
Drop-off: The Montessori work cycle is well underway by 9:00 AM. If a child comes after this time, then it makes for a difficult transition into the classroom and is disruptive for the other children. It also pulls a teacher away from the children who are already settled. If you are held up, please call the school so that we can adjust accordingly. Thank you.
School and daycare CLOSED: Friday May 21st and Monday, May 24th, for teacher PD day and Victoria Day.
Flowers for May: HUDSON, SOPHIE May 3rd; ELLIOTT, NASH May 10th, RAQUEL May 17th; ZOE.S, ZACH, May 31st.
Mother’s Day – 9th May!

DAILY COVID 19 AHS SCREENING FORM: Please ensure that you complete the daily check form, sign it, and send it in EVERY DAY! This is a licensing requirement. Attached is the newly updated (April 2021) COVID19 guidance information sheet, to help you answer any questions that you may have. Please pay particular attention to pages 11, 12, 13.
Blue re-registration forms – please return these forms if you have not already done so.
White speech and language consent forms – please return these forms by FRIDAY APRIL 30TH.



Miss. Nicole!


Saturday, May 8th at 2:00 PM in the school backyard. Please wear a mask. This is for parents only, as the school is not licensed for children out of school hours. Just an informal chat to brainstorm and gather ideas of how we can enhance the outside experience for the children.

MUSIC WITH MISS. TESSA: Miss. Tessa continues to join us via zoom once a week for music class. The children enjoy the “Ups and Downs”, and “Don’t worry, be happy!” with a Ukulele and Thunder Drum.

LOOKING FORWARD- We are starting to think about the end-of-year celebrations, and for some children, graduation into grade 1 (yeah! How did that happen?) More news on this as we reach the beginning of June.

Thank you, as always, for supporting our school.

Mrs. Divya, Mrs. Joce, Mrs. Diana, Miss Nicole, Miss. Michelle, Miss Tessa.