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September 2023


  • Indoor shoes that the child can put on and take off independently – Velcro runners are ideal. Please no crocs nor slippers. The junior preschoolers now need runners please for class. If your child can tie laces, then laced shoes or runners are accepted.
  • 3 or 4 changes of clothes: underwear, pants, socks, t-shirts, skorts etc
  • Snack bag and water bottle,fork and spoon – your child is developing a sense of independence, and they prefer their own utensils. Please pack a fork, a spoon, and water bottle daily.
  • Healthy snacks and lunches (2 good sized snacks and a lunch for full day children)Sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, soup, yogurt, are all great healthy foods – please remember this is a NUT FREE school. Please pack morning and afternoon snacks separately.
  • Please cut up all fruits and veggies in to bite sized pieces, especially hotdog sausages, grapes, tomatoes, or other fruits that could be a choking hazard. Please cut sandwiches in half. If your child has an orange and can not peel it by themself, please at least start the peeling, or peel it for your child.
  • Back-pack for daily items
  • An outer of diapers or pullups and a pack of baby wipes – for children in diapers or potty training.
  • Fitted crib sheet, and blanket. Please put in a large bag with handles. Please do not use a bag such as a garbage bag which is tied, as this is a potential suffocation hazard, plus your child can not open this to get their bedding out or put it away. This comes in on Monday and goes home on Friday, or the first day of your child’s week.
  • Seasonally appropriate clothes to stay at school: i.e., rubber boots, winter gear, weather proof jacket, cap or hat.
  • Sound of week items. A different item each day of the week, in a named Ziplock bag.
  • 3 photos – 2 recent and 1 baby (5×7) for coat hook and Who’s Who? wall.