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Sounds Of the Week

In our Montessori classroom we teach the phonic sound of each letter, and this helps the child to build and read words.

We play sound games to help the child listen for a sound and where it may be in a word, whether the sound we are listening for is at the beginning, the middle or the end.

We like to make this a fun learning experience for the child, where they not only share something about the object which they brought into school, but also learn to listen for that week’s sound in their object.

Each week we will be focusing on one letter sound. Each day for that week, the child brings in a different object that has the sound of the week in it;it should be a different object each day, which can be a photo, a word or something from the environment. Please keep Disney characters and toys at home. We are looking for real objects, not fantasy.

Remember, we are looking for the sound, not the letter name!

Teacher’s tip! Pick a quiet time over the weekend, give your child a box or a basket, and then go around the house looking for 5 objects that has the required sound in it, put them in the basket and then just pick an item each day to bring to school. Easy!

For example, September 13th is the sound “a”.  on Monday your child could bring in an apple, on Tuesday a photo of an alligator, on Wednesday an ant, on Thursday an agate, on Friday a photo of dad ( a sound is in the middle).

September 13th               a                  apple ant

September 20th              b                 ball balloon

September 27th              c                  cat can cup

October 4th                    d                 dog dinosaur

October 12th                   e                 egg elephant

October 18th                   f                  fan feather

October 25th                  g                 goat gate

November 1st                   h                 hat hospital

November 8th                  i                  insect igloo

November 15th                j                  jam jello

November 22nd                k                 kite kettle

November 29th                l                  lemon leg

December 6th                  m                 man melon

December 13th                n                  nose nail

January 10th          o                  octopus oblong

January 17th          p                 penguin pit

January 24th                   q                  queen quilt

January 31st           r                  rabbit road

February 7th                   s                  sand sandal

February 14th                  t                  tap top

February 28th                 u                  umbrella up

March 7th                        v                  volcano Velcro

March 14th                      w                 well wagon

March 21st                       x                 exit box – it is hard to find a word with x at the beginning – remember that the x in xylophone makes a z sound!

March 28th                      z                 zoo zebra

Friday April 8th               Alphabet Buffet – watch for an email about this fun activity.