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November 2021 Newsletter

November!  Time to put the clocks back one hour on Sunday the 7th . A time to learn about other cultural celebrations such as Diwali, and Hanukkah. It is also a time to remember and honour those who served Canada, and other countries, in times of unrest. We read from a selection of books such as, “Why We Remember” written and illustrated by the children from Graysville School in Manitoba, and “A Poppy Is to Remember” by Heather Patterson & Ron Lightburn. If you would like to see these two books, and look at the content, please do ask.  We have also started learning the songs for our Winter Concert, which will be held on the 10th December; this is approaching way too quickly! The finer details and time of the concert is yet to be decided, so please look out for a follow up email in due course.

THEME: We are continuing our theme through November:  All About Me!

For the month of November, we will continue to talk about our families, our communities, our likes and dislikes, our hobbies, our favourite sports and friends. If your child has clothes or artifacts that expresses an identity which is usually associated with a different geographical area or culture that your family has connection with, please do allow your child to bring these items to school, as they play a significant part in the child’s identity and self-esteem.  Also, if you have photos of your child participating in sporting events, family events or community events please do bring them in so that your child can share these wonderful memories with their peers and teachers.

MUSIC CLASS with Miss. Tessa.

For November we will be introducing a lot of new songs. We will be moving from learning rhythm while sitting to larger movement-based work.We will also be introducing more songs with a larger focus on melody. We will be using our singing voices a lot in the coming months!


We will be doing a lot of winter themed songs, including some fun Canadian versions of a couple classics. We will also hear some music from indigenous artists from the Northern Territories and Nunavut. Lastly, I will be introducing the kids to some Canadian fiddle tunes to prepare for the special guest coming in December. She is a teacher with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) and the head of the music therapy department for the VSO school. 

Warm regards,

Miss. Tessa.



  • November fees are due on Monday 1st November; you can pay by e-transfer, cash or cheque. Thank you!
  • Please bring a water bottle every day for your child.
  • Please label all of your child’s belongings, including bedding, jackets and shoes.
  • Colder weather is on the way, so please ensure that your child comes to school with a warm jacket, toque and mitts every day.
  • If your child is here all day, please pack a good-sized lunch and afternoon snack. We are noticing that some children are hungry after their morning work and are eating their lunch and afternoon snack at lunchtime.
  • Please label all snack and lunch containers with your child’s name; strip of painter’s tape works really well. We have a few lunch kits that are identical, so writing your child’s name on them saves upset and mix-ups.


The school and daycare will be CLOSED on THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11TH& FRIDAY NOVEMBER 12TH; this is for Remembrance Day on the 11th, and our teacher PD Day and parent teacher conferences for 1st year students.

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Friday November 12th, by appointment.

Information about the parent teacher interviews had previously been emailed to eligible families, so for those families that received the email, please do ask for the sign-up sheet at the door. This is an important time not only to receive feed back on your child’s progress but also for you to ask questions.


We have one child celebrating her birthday in November: Londyn!  Please look out for an email!


This is an important part of our Montessori literacy program; it gives the child a chance to practise public speaking by standing in front of their friends, and also introduces the phonic sounds – usually the beginning sound- that can be heard in a word or phrase. This exercise also helps to build self esteem and self worth as the other children are so interested in what another child brings to the sound basket.  Please collect 5 items for each week, put them in a named zip-lock bag and bring to school every day.  Please keep stuffed animals, cartoon characters and toys at home – we are looking for items that are based on reality. Therefore, a photo, page in a book, a drawing, the object itself, or a life like model will work well. Remember we are looking for the phonic sound – the sound that the letter makes by itself. This is especially important when we come to the vowels. Please look at the list below for ideas.

Week of:

November 1st:             h                 hat, hospital, horse.

November 8th:            i                  igloo, insect, iguana. * Notice the “i“is saying its sound not its name or long vowel sound! *

November 15th:                    j                  jam, jelly, jet.

November 22nd:          k                 kite, king, kettle.

November 29th:          l                  leg, lamb, Lego.


We wanted to thank you for following the COVID19 protocols as set out by the Alberta Government by keeping your children at home if they develop any of the symptoms on the AB Health Daily Checklist. We understand how inconvenient this can be, but it is really appreciated! We do our utmost to keep everyone at Angel Wings well, so thank you for supporting us in this endeavour.

We wish you a wonderful and healthy November.


The Angel Wings Montessori and Daycare team.


Mrs. Divya, Mrs. Joce, Mrs. Diana, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Nicole, Ms. Glynnis and Ms. Tessa.

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